SugarSync adds File Sharing between people

SugarSync adds File Sharing between people
SugarSync has announced the ability for users to instantly sync folders and files between people. The new feature leverages SugarSync’s flexible structure to enable users to work the way they always work, without extra steps. The new multi-user sync capability allows for folders shared among an assigned group to be immediately synced between all parties. As soon as shared files are updated by a user, each person will find the most up-to-date information on his/her computer.

For SugarSync users with existing shared folders, the new multi-user sync is enabled by simply clicking on the button “sync to computer.” Users with multiple computers or devices running SugarSync can select which device they want to sync the shared folder. SugarSync has many other fine-grained controls that add to the flexibility of multi-user syncing, including: share any folder, flexible file structure for different sharing groups, password protection, cloud-only shared folders, “Read-only” permissions, stored previous versions.

Recipients of shared folders can get started with a free account to receive unlimited amounts of shared data—be it documents, photos or other files. Those who refer their family, friends and colleagues to sign up for a SugarSync account will be compensated with as much as 10 GB of additional storage via the Company’s “Double Bonus” referral program. (Terms and conditions apply; the offer is time limited.)

SugarSync supports virtually all computer and smart phone operating systems, including Windows and Mac, plus native apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WinMo, and Symbian.
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