Sybase 365 partners with Western Union to support mobile walletplatforms

Sybase 365 partners with Western Union to support mobile wallet platforms
Sybase 365 has announced an extension of its partnership with Western Union, with the completion of the Western Union Mobile Vendor certification process. The alliance will enable Sybase 365 to support Western Union services in its mobile wallet platforms and enable mobile operators and financial institutions to mobilize Western Union Money Transfers to millions of users globally by connecting into the Sybase 365 Mobiliser Platform.

The relationship furthers Sybase 365’s commitment to strengthen its relationships with its mobile operator partners in developing markets, helping them to increase subscriber loyalty by enabling the ability to add international money-transfer services to their suite of mobile wallet offerings. Mobile operators and financial institutions who introduce Western Union’s mobile money transfer services can connect with Western Union’s 380,000 Agent locations in over 200 countries.

“In developing markets, enterprises and financial institutions are focused on reducing consumers’ dependency on cash and encouraging financial inclusion strategies.” said Matthew Talbot, vice president mCommerce, Sybase 365. “The alliance with Western Union will enable new customers in emerging market economies to more securely and effectively use mobile devices to send money to friends and relatives around the world.”

The Sybase 365 Mobiliser Platform powers some of the most advanced mobile commerce ecosystems around the world. This complete, operator-grade platform supports all mobile channels, including SMS, USSD, mobile browser, downloadable client, STK and works on any mobile device, on any network, and with any language and currency, around the world.
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