Telmap debuts location-aware Twitter Widget

Telmap debuts location-aware Twitter Widget
Telmap has announced the availability of a location-aware Twitter Widget as part of its mobile search, mapping and navigation solution.

Where implemented, Telmap solution users will have seamless access to location-based tweets in their vicinity. Users will be able to view public tweets, and tweets by people they follow, that have a nearby location attached to them.

Users will simply need to choose the Twitter Widget from the Widgets Carousel, and all relevant nearby tweets will be presented on the map.

Users will be able to select a specific tweet, view and reply to it, as well as drive to the location attached to it, all from within the Telmap application.

In addition, when searching for a specific location or point of interest, users can view tweets around that specific location.

The location-aware Twitter Widget is already commercially available at Partner Communication in Israel, an innovative company that strives to stay at the forefront of telecommunications technology and end-user trends.

The location-aware Twitter Widget will be available in a variety of additional markets worldwide, in the near future.
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