Carbonite Access Android App for Quick and Easy File Access

Carbonite Access Android App for Quick and Easy File Access
Carbonite has announced the beta release of Carbonite Access for the Android platform. Carbonite Access, available for free in the Android Market, provides Carbonite subscribers with the ability to quickly and easily access all of their valuable files through their mobile device. The application's seamless integration with the Android OS also enables Carbonite users to easily share their backed up files via email, Facebook, Picasa and many other Android-supported applications.

Carbonite Access, available for Android devices running Android v1.6 and above, is the latest remote access feature introduced by Carbonite. Carbonite provides customers with remote file access via any computer through or mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry smartphones and now Android devices.

Carbonite Access for Android provides consumers with a variety of options for accessing files:
+ Browse: Once the application is downloaded, consumers will log into their Carbonite account on the mobile device. They will then be able to browse all folders and files backed up through Carbonite, arranged in the same file locations as they are on the computer.
+ Share: Backed up files can be shared through the phone via e-mail, Picasa, Facebook and other social-networking applications.
+ View: Backed up photos can be previewed using thumbnails or quickly viewed full screen using the integrated photo viewer from Carbonite.
+ Listen: Consumers also can utilize Carbonite Access for Android to listen to music backed up from their computer directly on their phone in a matter of seconds.

Carbonite customers can download the app from the Android Market.
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