Fishlabs and American Express launch Cash IQ Free puzzle game for iPhone

Fishlabs and American Express launch Cash IQ Free puzzle game for iPhone
American Express and Fishlabs have announced the launch of 'Cash IQ', a new, free iPhone and iPod touch game featuring four addictive cash-focused brainteasers. Cash IQ's series of challenging brain workouts has been designed to stretch and flex mathematical and memory based skills. 'Beat the Bank', 'Check your Balance', 'Shopping List' and 'Flip & Pin' complete the addictive portfolio.
Beat the Bank - Coins of various denominations drop from the top of the screen into a piggybank. Some of the coins drop out of the bottom of the piggybank; the player is challenged to correctly state the balance remaining inside at the end of each sequence. Once a sequence has finished, a calculator-type interface appears, allowing the player to enter the amount they believe is remaining. A timer counts down, giving the player a limited period to enter their total, the added pressure only increases the challenge.

Check Your Balance - Gamers are tasked to place shopping bags on a seesaw, ensuring that when it finally rests it is evenly balanced. Each bag represents a different item, such as groceries or clothing, reflecting popular categories of spend for Platinum Cashback Cardmembers.

Shopping List - A classic memory game, Shopping List features a conveyor belt that moves a selection of items across the screen in sequence. Again, the items reflect popular areas of spend for Cardmembers such as petrol, grocery, travel and sporting goods. Once the final item has scrolled across the screen, a grid appears and players must tap to select each of the items from the grid in the order that they were scanned. If the player gets an item wrong a klaxon will sound and the correct object will flash, then the player must continue to try and guess the remaining order or objects.

Flip & Pin - In this puzzle game players must flip different shaped tiles around a 12 x 12 grid, and cover the highlighted areas completely. Within each level the player will be given sufficient shaped tiles to correctly complete the puzzle – with a limited number of pins available to hold tiles in place. Tiles must lay flat, none must touch and none must overlap. As difficulty builds the areas and shapes become larger and more complex, often with more than one area appearing on screen at any one time. Each tile movement is counted. At the end of the level bonuses are given for the least number of movements.
Cash IQ is available for FREE download on the App Store. The launch of Cash IQ forms an integral part of American Express' current Platinum Cashback Credit Card marketing campaign.
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