LG QLED display promises brighter, richer colors, less energy

LG QLED display promises brighter, richer colors, less energy
QD Vision and LG Display have announced a joint development agreement focused on creating highly-efficient, high-performance active matrix displays based on electroluminescent quantum dot LED (QLED) nanotechnology. The display will require much less energy than current products, while producing brighter, richer colors.

The new breakthrough products will employ patterned thin films of QD Vision quantum dots to create a direct-view, active matrix display. In addition to energy and color improvements, the new technology is expected to lower display manufacturing costs by greatly simplifying the overall display manufacturing process.

According to Chang-Dong Kim, Vice President of LG Display,
“LG Display has always been at the forefront of advanced display technology. This partnership with QD Vision will accelerate development of exciting new LGD products for the rapidly expanding display marketplace, and increase our industry leadership position”
Quantum dots provide the stability and reliability of inorganic semiconductor materials, and can be processed in solution. This enables the efficient manufacture of next generation electroluminescent displays with extraordinary color, efficiency, and stability. For more information: http://www.qdvision.com/qleds-the-future.

“The continuing advances in nanotechnology at QD Vision are the key to a whole new generation of displays that are far superior to what is available today. Our relationship with LG Display will result in exciting new products that meet growing consumer demand for ultra–thin, high quality, energy efficient displays,” said Jason Carlson, QD Vision President and CEO.
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