ZTE completes the world’s first CDMA2000 1x Advanced

ZTE completes the world’s first CDMA2000 1x Advanced
Chinese firm ZTE has announced it has successfully completed the world’s first CDMA2000 1x Advanced call based on CDMA2000 1x system. The call features a four-fold increase in voice capacity and follows the specifications of CDMA2000 1x Advanced technology published by Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2).
The CDMA2000 1x Advanced technology incorporates multi-technologies such as the 4th Generation Vocoder (4GV), Interference Cancellation, Mobile Receive Diversity and Radio Link Enhancements (including Smart Blanking, Efficient Power Control, Frame Early Termination and Quasi Orthogonal Function), to quadruple the voice capacity while ensuring excellent voice quality.

Li Jian, General Manager, CDMA & LTE Product Line, ZTE, explained that it is very easy for the operators to deploy the new CDMA2000 1x Advanced technology. “The existing investment can be protected to the maximum, as only the 1x channel card needs to be replaced,” said Madam Li.

“At the same time, CDMA2000 1x Advanced technology can greatly improve frequency efficiency by helping the operators re-form frequency resources, develop voice and data services as needed and adopt more flexible business models. All CDMA2000 operators can benefit from the increased voice capacity, expanded coverage and improved voice quality brought by the 1x Advanced technology. Additionally, this technology can help the operators to free up valuable spectrum resources to offer more profitable mobile broadband data services,” Madam Li added.

As the pioneer of CDMA2000 1x Advanced technology, ZTE is expected to launch the commercial version supporting 1x Advanced features in Q1 2011. The latest report from research firm, IDC shows that as of Q1 2010, the total shipment of ZTE’s CDMA base-stations had exceeded 250,000 units, cementing the company’s No. 1 position in the global CDMA market with a 30.3% share.
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