Broadcom BCM20203 NFC Tag announced

Broadcom BCM20203 NFC Tag announced
Broadcom has launched the BCM20203 near field communications (NFC) tag solution for consumer devices. Near field communications is a very short-range wireless standard that has evolved from a combination of contactless technologies. Products with built-in NFC will dramatically simplify how consumer devices can be connected and used. NFC enables simple connectivity, by bridging the physical world to the digital world through proximity. With a simple touch users can now establish a connection and initiate a data transfer. NFC can be used with a variety of consumer devices from mobile phones, tablets, and digital TVs to remote controls, wireless mice, and Bluetooth headsets, all to enable simple connectivity.

Announced today is the Broadcom BCM20203 NFC type 1 tag solution developed to address low cost NFC consumer device applications. The BCM20203 is so low power that it has been designed to be powered only through the energy harvested from the reader on the other side of the connection. The BCM20203 NFC tag solution enables a tag based NFC implementation in wireless devices such as headsets, mice, keyboards, 3D glasses, and remote controls.

+ The BCM20203 has on-chip, non-volatile memory that allows for multiple read/write cycles.
+ The tag embedded into the device may be passive, not requiring a separate power supply such as a battery, as it is field-powered when it is brought within range of the reader, making it more cost and energy efficient.

The Broadcom BCM20203 NFC tag solution is now sampling.
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