Broadcom unveils BCM2157 dual core processor for Android phones

Broadcom has announced a new baseband platform that provides simultaneous HSDPA modem connectivity and Android-based applications processing. The new Broadcom BCM2157 dual-core baseband processor provides a full suite of advanced functionality to deliver high-end smartphone features on more affordable 3G Android cellphones. This includes mobile hot-spot, multi-touch screens, innovative media and applications processing, and other capabilities that will help handset makers drive these features to a larger tier of users.
The BCM2157 HSDPA baseband processor enables manufacturers to produce affordable 3G Android mobile handsets with advanced smartphone features. Utilizing a dedicated ARM11 500 MHz processor, the BCM2157 HSDPA baseband supports multi-touch with advanced multimedia technology, providing video support up to WQVGA quality, a 5 megapixel camera, and the ability to encode and decode H.264 video at 30 fps (frames per second).

The BCM2157 baseband enables 7.2 Mbps of downstream connectivity and includes Broadcom's PRISM (programmable interference suppression module) technology that mitigates interference from radio signals emanating from neighboring cells to provide higher performance gains in high interference environments where they're needed the most. The BCM2157 modem also features 3G Dual SIM/Dual Standby technology and supports AMR-WB voice calls over 3G networks.

The BCM2157 Android Platform also integrates Broadcom's Broadcom connectivity suite, featuring industry leading Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and GPS solutions, including InConcert® technology that makes these various technologies work better together. Broadcom's InConcert® technology enables a robust portable Wi-Fi hotspot to be hosted by a BCM2157-based handset, serving up to 8 users while the handset user can concurrently browse & download from the web, watch streaming video or engage in a Bluetooth-based phone call.
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