Kizashi Ring of Fire Racing Game for iPhone/iPad released by Suzuki

Kizashi Ring of Fire Racing Game for iPhone/iPad released by Suzuki
Suzuki has announced the launch of the Kizashi Ring of Fire racing game app, bringing its popular online game to life on both the iPad and iPhone as a free download from the App Store just in time for the holidays. With this launch, Suzuki builds on its multiplatform approach to promote the all-new Kizashi sport sedan in conjunction with the company's intercontinental road trip Tokyo to L.A.: The Hard Way, which concluded this summer. In addition, the Kizashi Ring of Fire app becomes the first commercial racing game powered by Brass Monkey remote control technology, which debuted at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year.
The game is about racing performance. Based on the online racing game, the single-player Kizashi™ Ring of Fire racing game for iPad™ and iPhone® features the high-performance Suzuki Kizashi on four visually-stunning fantasy race tracks. The player’s score increases with faster times, and penalties are assigned for contact with other objects. Players activate AWD for even better handling around the track, and pick up special boost tokens to activate boost mode.

The race circuit includes four fantasy tracks based on locations from the road trip - Tokyo, Siberia, Alaska, and Los Angeles. Players drive the Suzuki Kizashi SE on the Tokyo and Siberia tracks, and the Suzuki Kizashi Sport GTS on the Alaska and Los Angeles tracks. Players have to place in the Top 3 of a race to proceed to the next track in the circuit. With each new track, the AI opponent vehicles become progressively more challenging. Once the circuit is completed, the player can start the circuit over again.
Kizashi Racing Game is available for download FREE on the App Store in the Games category. iPad and iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 4 users can play the game on their device and connect their device as a WiFi Controller to the online game.
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