Qualcomm partners with Duracell for wireless charging solutions

Qualcomm and Duracell have announced the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to explore the possibility of working together to develop an industry alliance that supports and promotes flexible coupling-based wireless power solutions to the consumer electronics industry. Qualcomm and Duracell hope to pave the way for broad OEM and consumer adoption of a new wireless power technology and to advance an industry standard. Qualcomm and Duracell believe that flexible, coupling-based wireless power solutions deliver a new level of consumer ease of use to wireless charging.
Qualcomm's WiPower wireless power technology uses radio frequencies to transfer energy wirelessly over short distances between a transmitter-equipped charging pad and devices containing built-in receivers. Dependent upon the combination of devices, including handsets and other popular consumer electronics devices, multiple devices can be charged concurrently using WiPower, typically at rates equal to wired solutions. WiPower is designed to shut down automatically when charging is complete. Qualcomm's WiPower allows for flexible device alignment, which provides greater flexibility for design and installation into phones and other applications such as commercial and passenger vehicles, office and home furniture, and communal spaces such as airports or coffee shops.
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