SPB TV released for Desktop

SPB TV released for Desktop
SPB Software has announced that its major solution SPB TV is now also available for desktop. As the best in class TV for mobile devices SPB TV has already gained popularity among the smartphone owners. The numbers confirm this: this month SPB TV has reached the 3 million users milestone, and it doesn't include the subscribers of 4 mobile operators worldwide that have already deployed SPB TV based mobile TV solutions. With the launch of the desktop version, it becomes possible to have the same user experience on desktop, tablets and smartphones. And the users may choose which way of watching SPB TV is the most convenient for them.

SPB TV for desktop is available in several modes. It's enough to type http://tv.spb.com in the address bar to start watching it online. SPB TV can be accessed in all major browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari. The browser mode allows to switch between channels, browse the integrated TV guide to see the current and upcoming TV programs, switch to the full-screen mode and control the volume level. It also shows the channels of the user's previous choice. It is possible to install SPB TV on Windows PC or Mac and enjoy the convenient and easy-to-use interface launching it on the desktop in the out-of-browser mode.

Out-of-browser mode allows the user to switch to the compact mode and to the full screen mode. The compact mode is an on-screen window that can be chosen to stay always on top of the windows so that the user could combine watching the favorite TV shows with browsing in the Internet or working. The full screen mode is on the contrary for those who want to be fully engaged in the TV-watching process and have a real TV experience. Video-on-demand channels are another option in addition to the live streaming.

Mobile Operators will now have an opportunity to provide the full-service solution including not only SPB TV for mobile devices on Android, iPhone/iPad, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, bada, Maemo and WebOS platforms but also SPB TV for tablets, Macs, Windows PCs and netbooks

SPB TV for Desktop Features:
+ TV Everywhere: desktop, mobile, tablet
+ Windows and Mac compatible
+ In and Out of Browser modes
+ Updates automatically
+ Compact view

The SPB TV Desktop requires Silverlight 4 and is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. SPB TV Desktop is free of charge and can be watched in most popular browsers or installed on the desktop.
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