ConnectSoft's Qwarq wireless platform 2.0 for Android released

ConnectSoft's Qwarq wireless platform 2.0 for Android released
ConnectSoft has announced Version 2.0 of its Qwarq wireless platform for Google Android-based systems. Qwarq is ConnectSoft’s patented wireless software platform that uses Personal Area Networking (PAN) technologies, such as Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, to seamlessly connect notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and other devices directly, without any type of network connection. For consumers, Qwarq offers a compelling user experience that finally makes PAN really easy and convenient. Qwarq also offers a standard wireless platform for developers to create and port multi-user applications and games that can function across various operating systems, hardware and software platforms.

Qwarq handles all of the complex wireless PAN connection issues including device and service discovery, security, identity, and transport independent of the underlying radio, vendor, driver stack or protocol. Developers can quickly add peer-to-peer capabilities to their existing or new applications without needing to deal with the complexities of wireless technology.
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