Food Processing iOS game released by Chillingo

Food Processing iOS game released by Chillingo
Is Food Processing the new Fruit Ninja? A new iOS game for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad has been released by Chillingo on the App Store. Developed by Embattle Games, the new mobile game for the Apple's devices is called 'Food Processing', which looks set to rival Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja app. The iPhone game lets you slice the different food products into the right pieces and try getting the highest score you can. You can put your fingers to the test in the addictive and super fun arcade slice ‘em up! Each food product requires a different cutting technique to hit a perfect score, unlock bonuses, or combo-chop for mega points in this addictive game for iPhone, iPod touch, and HD version for iPad.

Food Processing for iOS Features:
+ HELL’S KITCHEN: Unlock Hell’s Kitchen mode, a super fast, intense and challenging game mode designed to separate the weak from the master chefs!
+ I’LL HAVE THE COMBO MEAL: String together perfect cuts for huge point bonuses and combos. You’ll need to if you want to unlock all the secret content!
+ ONLINE LEADERBOARDS: Will you be to top of the leaderboards? Complete challenges, unlock achievements and post your high score around the world using Game Center and Crystal integrated social platform.

Food Processing iPhone and iPod touch ($0.99) is available for download on the App Store in the Games category. The tablet version 'Food Processing HD' is available for iPad ($1.99). A Lite version of the game 'Food Processing Lite' is also available, which is FREE on the Apple App Store in the Games category.
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