Google Translate iPhone app debuts

Google Translate iPhone app debuts
After launching a Google Translate HTML5 web app for iPhone users, back in August 2008. Today, the official Google Translate for iPhone application has been released and is already available for download via the App Store. The new iPhone application has all of the features of the web application, plus some significant new additions designed to improve your overall translation experience. The new application accepts voice input for 15 languages, and—just like the web app—you can translate a word or phrase into one of more than 50 languages.

According to Google Mobile blog,
For voice input, just press the microphone icon next to the text box and say what you want to translate. You can also listen to your translations spoken out loud in one of 23 different languages. This feature uses the same new speech synthesizer voices as the desktop version of Google Translate introduced last month. Another feature that might come in handy is the ability to easily enlarge the translated text to full-screen size. This way, it’s much easier to read the text on the screen, or show the translation to the person you are communicating with. Just tap on the zoom icon to quickly zoom in. And the app also includes all of the major features of the web app, including the ability to view dictionary results for single words, access your starred translations and translation history even when offline, and support romanized text like Pinyin and Romaji.
You can download Google Translate now from the App Store globally. The Google Translate iPhone app is available in all iOS supported languages, but you’ll need an iPhone or iPod touch iOS version 3 or later.
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