Gune now with 12 new searches

Handcase has recently announced that its Gune now offers, via the button Gune Multi Searches, 12 new options of search integrated on Barnes&Noble, Twitter, BBC, Last FM, IGN, NASA, Yelp, Dictionary, TinyPic, WebMD, Reddit and PhotoBucket.

Gune has a new layout that focuses more on usability, adjusting automatically to all screens, included tablets. With tools smarter, reducing access time to results. "In any tool you need to write, choose option and click the search button in the Gune Multi Searches, just write and click the option to make the search. We try to simplify as much as possible, the lives of users." Says Ricardo Garay, CEO Handcase.

Gune is available for all mobile platforms, for an app for download at

About Handcase
Handcase is a mobile software industry in Brazil. In the six years results are: a portfolio of 370 products with over 3 million users in 155 countries.
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