Popular Science March 2011 issue comes with Augmented Reality-enabledMotorola Xoom ad

Popular Science magazine has launched its second 3D interactive cover revealing the Motorola Xoom tablet. Popular Science broke virtual ground last year as the first magazine to launch a 3D interactive cover. By simply holding the March issue cover, on newsstands today, up to a Web camera, iPhone or smartphone, users will be able to virtually preview the Xoom and discover its features and benefits by aiming the magazine at specific logos. By moving the tablet icons back and forth on the corners of the screen users will be able to interact with the device's 3D Google Maps app and YouTube interface.

To enable the March cover, Popular Science utilized software specially developed by Munich/San Francisco based company metaio. World leaders in the area of Augmented Reality technology, metaio’s patented “Unifeye Viewer” software for web applications enables 3D animations to be integrated seamlessly into live-video streams of a webcam and respectively into pictures of the user’s real environment.

The 3D experience is also compatible with a smartphone. Users can download mobile AR browser junaio, and preview the 3D hologram of the tablet as well. junaio’s highly sophisticated image recognition and object tracking capabilities make it possible to recognize a print ad and call up additional digital content to delight the viewer and draw renewed attention to a sponsor’s message.

Commenting on the news, Popular Science’s David Ginsberg said: “The Popular Science audience always looks forward to reading about what’s next, but this month’s cover gives them an opportunity to experience firsthand the new technologies that are changing the future of magazines. metaio’s software has made it possible for us to keep our readers up to date on the top tech trends in a way that’s fun, dynamic and engaging.”

PopSci.com readers can experience the augmented reality cover at www.popsci.com/grabit.

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