Qik Video Connect iPhone Video Apps launched by Skype

Qik Video Connect iPhone Video Apps launched by Skype
Qik, mobile video software recently acquired by Skype, has launched a new iPhone app called Qik Video Connect. The new app enables individuals to stay connected with friends and family through video calling, video messaging, and video sharing.
With Qik Video Connect, users can instantly share what is happening around them with friends and family through a live video call. If they aren’t able to connect live, then users can still share all the rich details of the moment by sending a video mail. They can even post a live video link to Facebook and Twitter so friends can watch the moment as it is being recorded. The new social video feed makes it easy to follow what friends are doing by receiving alerts when new videos are shared and watching those videos right from the phone.
There are two versions of the application available to consumers – Qik Video Connect and Qik Video Connect Plus. The latter is available for $2.99 and offers additional features such as:
+ Real-time effects: Customize and enhance video chat and live video streaming with seven effects and filters.
+ Video editing: Use simple video editing tools directly from your device to share the best moments.
+ HD quality: Upload and share true HD quality videos captured on your phone.

Both the Qik Video Connect and Connect Plus apps enable live video chat over 3G* or WiFi between iPhones, iPod Touches with built-in cameras. Qik is integrated with your phone’s contact list so you can easily see when your friends and family are available for a live video chat. In addition, you can also send a private video mail through email or SMS if your friends and family aren’t able to talk live, no matter what device or phone network they are on.

Both apps are available for download today through the Apple App store for iPhone and 4th generation iPod Touch models with iOS 4 or later. For additional information, visit qik.com.
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