Samsung Bluetooth headsets HM1610, HM3600 and Modus 6450 unveiled

Samsung Bluetooth headsets HM1610, HM3600 and Modus 6450 unveiled
Samsung has unveiled three new Bluetooth headsets – the HM1610, the HM3600 and the Samsung Modus 6450 – the second device in the Modus family of Bluetooth products.

Modus 6450 is a dual headset offering an advanced stereo experience. The elegant next-generation Modus 6450 wraps the best in functionality, fun and fashion in a sleek crystal-blue form factor. The Modus is designed for consumers looking for a conventional noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset with the capability to stream stereo audio. It can be worn as a mono-style headset for placing and receiving calls and readily transforms into a stereo Bluetooth headset when connected to the included stereo ear bud headset for an enhanced audio experience. The 6450 improves on its predecessor, the HM3500, with a premium headphone set, Android application support, voice command functionality, and EQ settings. Rather than just simple voice prompts, the Modus 6450 implements voice commands and EQ settings through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset, distinguishing it from most competitors that must use a multifunction button for voice command start.

The Modus supports a multitude of advanced noise cancellation features and a dual microphone design to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise. When enjoying rich, full-fidelity Bluetooth stereo while also connected to a phone, the Modus will gently mute the stereo audio, allowing the user to answer or initiate phone calls and seamlessly restores its settings when the call is complete. The user can also stream full fidelity audio and enjoy the rich sound through the single earpiece of the Bluetooth headset.

The Modus 6450 is compatible with its own specially-designed Android application, Samsung FreeSync – equipped with several features that set it apart from other applications, including EQ settings for stereo mode, LED settings, and language selection.

The FreeSync application allows for text-to-speech messaging and caller ID services and the ability to enable or disable Bluetooth headset functions through the application. Via the FreeSync application, owners of the Modus 6450 can receive incoming phone calls, SMS messages, email, and appointment notifications through a friendly text to speech interface that personally reads information to you. Additionally, the headset and the app work together to allow for voice command, pairing assist, multiple language support and control of various headset and stereo EQ settings.

Together, the Samsung Modus 6450 and the Samsung FreeSync Android application allow for a truly customizable headset experience.

Key Modus 6450 Product Features
- Samsung FreeSync Android App-compatible & Android application support
- Voice Command & Voice Prompt
- Voice command and EQ setting implementation through a separate Voice Command Button on the headset
- Mono & Stereo convertible
- SoundAlive stereo audio enhancements
- Dual-mic noise/Echo cancellation
- Simple, LED display shows battery/call status
- Advanced Multipoint and Multiconnection Technology
- Active Pairing
- Up to 6 hours of talk time/180 hours of standby time
- Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR

With its on-ear design and advanced pairing options, the Samsung HM3600 is designed for consumers that place comfort and affordability as top priorities when choosing a Bluetooth headset, without having to sacrifice an advanced feature set. Its unique, ultra-comfortable on-ear design minimizes ear fatigue during long duration and active lifestyle usage. In addition to its design, the HM3600 provides users with several advanced features, such as voice prompts to keep the user informed, dual-mic noise and echo cancellation and automatic volume adjust. With easy pairing and proximity pairing, the HM3600 pairs automatically with the nearest handset the first time, and with advanced multipoint technology, users can pair the HM3600 to two devices at once. Compared to other on-ear Bluetooth headsets in its class, the HM3600 is a more lightweight and affordable option.

Key HM3600 Product Features
- Comfortable on the ear speaker design
- Dual mic Noise Reduction & Echo Cancellation
- Voice Prompts
- Advanced multipoint technology
- Up to 9 hours of talk time/300 hours of standby time
- Bluetooth version 3.0
- Lightweight, 13g design

HM1610 comes with competitive features at a competitive price. A sleek, stylish mix of communication and fashion makes the HM1610 stand apart from other mono entry tier headsets. Near end enhanced audio technology ensures that HM1610 users experience significantly improved sound quality and speech intelligibility on their end of the headset. Receive side audio noise cancelling offers in-channel noise reduction and tonal voice quality enhancement, improving intelligibility of incoming voice even in high background noise environments. Additionally, wind noise reduction and noise cancelling for the microphone allows for significant improvement in audio quality in the presence of wind speeds up to “jogging speed” (6mph). The active wind noise reduction algorithm improves signal to noise ratio of microphone audio in the presence of wind by up to 20dB.

In addition to sound quality, the HM1610 offers advanced multipoint technology that allows seamless connectivity between two Bluetooth-enabled audio-streaming devices, including mobile phones, computers and MP3 players. The HM1610 also features high fidelity media streaming, ensuring stereo-quality sound from a traditional mono Bluetooth headset. This advanced feature-set in an elegant blue-trimmed form factor positions the HM1610 as an upper tier headset at an entry tier price.

Key HM1610 Product Features
- Near End Enhanced Audio Technology
- Single-Mic Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation
- CSR CVC v6 Receive Side Audio Enhancements with Receive Side Noise Cancellation, PLC, BEC
- Wind Noise Reduction
- Speech Intelligibility EQ
- Active pairing
- Advanced Multipoint technology
- A2DP Mono Music Streaming
- Automatic Volume Control
- Bluetooth version 3.0+EDR
- Up to 6 Hours of Talk Time/250 Hours of Standby Time
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