Telmap teams-up with Das Örtliche for truly local German information

Telmap teams-up with Das Örtliche for truly local German information
Telmap has announced that it has partnered with Das Örtliche, Germany’s leading local directory to integrate Das Örtliche’s local businesses database into Telmap mobile location companion to provide richer points of interest (POI) information in Germany.
Telmap Mobile Location Companion is the world’s first personalized mobile location companion designed to serve all of users’ search, mapping and navigation needs while on-the-go, offering a variety of location-related content such as traffic, speed cameras and points of interest information. Telmap, who provides white label solutions to mobile operators, prides itself for delivering the most localized location companion tailored to specific segments, markets and geographies.

Das Örtliche is the leading local directory in Germany. It is edited by 100 publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Medien. Das Örtliche exists as a book with more than 1,000 different publications, online, and on the mobile with unique apps for the relevant platforms. It has more than 3.5 million business listings with around 30 million listings in total. According to AGOF, the German Association of Online Research, Das Örtliche is one of the top ten German mobile websites and among the top 20 used internet websites in Germany which is accessed by more than 7 million unique users.

As Telmap’s solutions are hosted and managed, the Das Örtliche database was integrated to Telmap’s services, so that end-users utilizing Telmap Mobile Location Companion in Germany (V5, latest version) now have access to an extremely comprehensive points of interest database. The Das Örtliche content upgrade is seamless and transparent to end-users, and is already available on devices using the Windows-Phone 7 operating system, with support for Blackberry, Android and Java touch to follow shortly.

“Telmap is constantly working with mobile operators as well as leading content providers to bring ultra-local, up-to-date information to consumers. Partnering with Das Örtliche, is another example of our efforts to implement the best content in each locale, Germany in this case, in order to provide end-users with a customized, relevant experience, that’s meaningful in their home turf”, Said Motti Kushnir, Telmap Chief Marketing Officer.

“We are happy to cooperate with Telmap, who has an innovative and easy to use product. This suits perfectly to our philosophy to offer well customized products to our users.” Said Barbara Faber, Managing Director, DasÖrtliche Service- und Marketinggesellschaft.
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