Android phones protected with SPB Wallet app

Android phones protected with SPB Wallet app
SPB Software has released SPB Wallet for Android. Touted as "the most powerful wallet application, that has already gained the confidence of thousands of iPhone, Windows, and Symbian users", the mobile application now comes to Android. SPB Wallet 2.0 secures the most valuable private information such as PINs, passwords, codes, accounts, passport and credit card numbers and enables users to protect their sensitive data. To ensure the ultimate data protection, SPB Wallet provides strong security with 256-bit AES encryption and automatic lockup in case the application was left open. Password generator helps to create highly secure passwords.

From the press release,
The application provides an outstanding user experience. It is designed to make the process of saving and keeping the most important data on the mobile device as easy and convenient as possible. SPB Wallet virtual cards are designed to look like real cards that we use on a daily basis. SPB Wallet 2.0 offers an online templates gallery with 25,000+ various templates and the option to order new ones free of charge. The users receive the unlimited number of customizable categories and cards for all types of information. It is possible to make a phone call, send SMS or an email, visit a website indicated on the card directly from SPB Wallet by clicking the appropriate smart card field.

With a growing variety of platforms one of the most popular questions is: “How can I keep my data safe when moving to another device?” SPB Wallet gives the answer by providing the data synchronization with Gmail account and giving the access to the encrypted information from multiple mobile devices.

The desktop component of the application allows users to easily manage and arrange their sensitive data on a bigger screen and to synchronize it with the mobile device.
SPB Wallet for Android Main Features:
+ Strong security with 256-bit AES encryption
+ Automatic wallet lockup
+ Real card data representation
+ Customizable cards and templates
+ Online templates gallery with 25,000+ most popular cards, and option to order customized cards for FREE
+ Smart card fields to call/SMS/email/etc
+ Password generator for random passwords that are highly secure
+ Quick card search
+ Cloud sync with Gmail account

SPB Wallet 2.0 for Android is compatible with Android 2.1 smartphones and higher. The price of the application is 7 USD. First clients can get SPB Wallet for a special price with 50% discount if they make the purchase till 2011/05/31. For more information, please visit
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