Google Goggles 1.4 released

Google Goggles 1.4 released
Google makes Goggles a better and more personal experience. Goggles 1.4 for Android devices adds an enhanced search history experience, the ability to suggest better results to Google if the results didn't accurately match your image. The new version has also improved business card recognition.

The new search history experience lets you search your Goggles results, make personal notes on specific results and share your results with friends. When you add a personal note to a Goggles result, the note will appear in your search history. You can always add a personalized message to your friend when you share your results with them. With Goggles 1.4, you are now able to suggest a better result when Goggles cannot find an image match, or the quality of the result is poor. Additionally, instead of simply recognizing the content as text, Goggles now recognizes the information as a contact, making it easier to add to your phone's contact list.

Google Goggles for Android 1.6+ devices is available for download via Android Market.
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