HP Pre 3 pre-order in the UK

HP Pre 3 pre-order in the UK
HP Pre 3 is available for pre-order in the UK with Orange and T-Mobile contracts via Mobiles.co.uk.

The cheapest plan with T-Mobile will give you HP Pre 3 for free along with 20.42 GBP per month for the next 12 months. You'll get 300 minutes, 300 messages and unlimited web browsing. Mobiles.co.uk also offers a gift to interested customers – 50% off the price of the contract for 12 months, or a 30 GBP Auto Cashback.

The cheapest 24-month Orange contract gives you the HP Pre 3 for free, 30 GBP per month with different minutes and text messages per month. You can also get the phone for just £9.99 upfront with a £25 per month Orange contract.

More details on HP Pre 3 Orange plans and T-Mobile's plans is available via Mobiles.co.uk

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