SPB Time for bada smartphones available

SPB Time for bada smartphones available
Android, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile users already start their mornings with SPB Time. Now it’s time for bada users! SPB Software now brings its advanced skinnable alarm clock SPB Time to bada smartphones. With SPB Time bada users will have the variety of time-related functions together with the astonishing design.

One of the most useful features of the new bada application is its alarm clock feature. It offers the choice of alarms for all types of sleepers. Along with classic alarm that has over 20 tunes, it includes the Bio and Paranoid alarms. Bio alarm is for those who don’t like stress in the mornings and prefer the gentle and slow way of waking up on the correct stage of their sleep. It starts the slight ticks and sounds of nature before the actual alarm time. Loud paranoid alarm is on the other hand for those who like adrenaline or consider the regular alarm too weak to wake them up. In paranoid mode the alarm suggests the sleeper to solve the puzzle and won't stop until it’s done correctly.

The users can enjoy the design of the application with its amazing effects: realistic looking 3D model of the Earth in the "World Time" feature or the countdown screen with the sandglass that resembles the outgoing time with the pouring sand. The vast choice of more than 50 time skins available from the online catalogue allows users to select the clock appearance (digital or analog). Hands, digits, alarm icons, and background are highly customizable. Stopwatch, calendar and moon phases are also included in the toolbox.

Now bada users can not only watch free TV with SPB TV and learn languages with SPB Flash Cards, but also wake up with the help of SPB Time.

SPB Time for bada Main Features:
+ Classic, Paranoid and Bio alarms
+ 20+ specially selected alarm tunes
+ 50+ free analog and digital clock themes
+ Calendar with week numbers
+ Moon phases
+ World time with timezone information
+ Stopwatch and countdown timers

SPB Time is available for Wave WVGA (480*800) running bada OS v1.2. Full version of SPB Time is available for $4.99 from the Samsung Apps. For more information, please visit www.spb.com.
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