Army & Maiden M2 Android game released

Army & Maiden M2 Android game released
Cronus Crown in Japan has recently released "Army & Maiden M2" game for Android. This game is a sequel of "Army & Maiden" series. You might be already aware of Army & Maiden S2F previously released. As a reminder, S2F stands for Side Story 2 Free. Now, it is the "Main Story 2" version of the Android game.

"Army & Maiden" is a real time war simulation game in a fantasy world. You can clear a stage in about 1-5 minutes. The operations are simple. You drag the "Move Marker". Your units move to marker's places. Units automatically battle in a display. Units have differing abilities. And units have some skills. "Clear Time" and "Score" are recorded. You must aim at the high score.

The Android app has an unique technological background. Cronus Crown also developed the PC and Android compatible game system. "CroCroWrp" java library solves graphic, file, sound, and many environmental dependence. They will release some game that they use the library.

Army & Maiden M2 for Android is available for download JPY150 ($1.92) in the Android Market in the Casual category. In case you want to download the previous FREE versions (S1F, S2F) or the Main Story 1 (M1), please visit the official website. Video follows after the jump.

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