Evernote iOS app gets major update

Evernote iOS app gets major update
Evernote iOS app has got a major update. The latest iOS version now come with iOS rich text support, access shared notebooks, passcode lock, a redesigned new note screen, a completely new iPad interface, and much more. The iPad also got a major layout update. There are a number of updates to the All Notes view. Notes are now displayed as easy-to-read Snippets, giving you significantly more information about the content of a note than before. If you want even more details, pinch and zoom into the note list to increase the size of the Snippets. Reorganize the way notes are presented by tapping on the View Options button in the bottom bar.

The new interface also makes it really easy to share and delete multiple notes. To do this, tap on the Edit button in the top left corner. Next, select the notes. Finally, tap the share or delete buttons in the upper right corner of the screen. An alternative to tapping the edit button is to simply tap and hold one of the notes you want to select.
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