Layar Creation Challenge launched for developers

Layar Creation Challenge launched for developers
Mobile augmented reality (AR) platform Layar has announced the official launch of the Layar Creation Challenge. Starting today, developers around the world can compete for $55,000 in total cash prizes, to be rewarded to ten developers with the best concepts for useful and unique layers using the recently launched Layar Vision platform extension.

Layars will be judged around the following four categories: magazines, books, self-publishing and the special wild-card category. Developers are encouraged to think big and create layers that highlight the best and brightest ideas in augmented reality.

Winners will be selected by a panel of internationally acclaimed jurors, including Layar co-founder and CEO Raimo van der Klein; Wired UK editor at large Ben Hammersley; sci-fi author and AR guru Bruce Sterling; former AdMob evangelist Russell Buckley; and author/futurist Gerd Leonhard. Prizes will be awarded at the following levels: first place - $15,000, second place - $10,000, third place - $7,500, fourth & fifth place - $5,000 each, sixth through tenth place - $2,500 each.

Winners will be featured on and in the public launch of Layar Vision. The winners will also be provided with three months of free usage and assistance in pitching their Layar Vision concept to businesses. For more information on the Layar Creation Challenge, visit:

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