Layar Vision introduced, able to recognize real world objects

Mobile augmented reality company Layar has announced Layar Vision, an extension of the Layar platform. What is Layar Vision? Layar Vision is an extension of the Layar platform, taking augmented reality to the next level. Layar Vision allows the creation of layers and applications that recognize real world objects and display digital experiences on top of them.

Layar Vision uses computer vision techniques to augment objects in the physical world. It can tell which objects in the real world are augmented because the visual fingerprints of the objects are preloaded into the application based on the user’s layer selection.

Layar platform is already used by over 10,000 developers to create an entirely new kind of AR experience for a massive audience. The Vision-enabled Layar for Android and iOS platform, will be released during Q4 this year. Layar Player which lets developers add augmented reality features in their applications will also be released.
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