Nokia 100/101 single and dual-SIM dual standby phones

Nokia has launched two new cheap phones for low-end markets. Nokia 101 and 100 are low-cost phones based on the Series 30 OS. The difference between the two is that the Nokia 101 supports dual-SIM and has an MP3 player. Designed with the fact in mind that these phones are often shared between families, they can support up to five separate address books and store personalisation details for up to five different SIM cards.

Both Nokia 100/101 phones come with FM radio, Nokia Life Tools, and the battery can last up to 25 days on standby, or 6.7 hours talktime. Nokia 101 also boasts MP3 player with a headset included in the box, some preloaded games and a 3.5mm AV connector.

Nokia 101 and 100 go on sale from this quarter (Nokia 101) and next (Nokia 100) in selected markets. Without local taxes or operator subsidies they’ll cost around €25 for the Nokia 101 and about €20 for the Nokia 100.

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