Quickoffice Pro HD tablet app updated with footnotes and endnotes viewing

Quickoffice Pro HD tablet app updated with footnotes and endnotes viewing
Android Honeycomb tablet app users using Quickoffice Pro HD have been blessed with a new software update. The new release includes new performance and usability functions, including the ability to view footnotes and endnotes. Now, Android Honeycomb tablet users gain additional innovative features for an enhanced user experience and streamlined mobile workflow when accessing, viewing, editing and sharing Microsoft Office files on the go.

Quickoffice Pro HD provides a single-screen, multi-pane document view optimized for tablets, along with integrated access to cloud partners, Box.net, Dropbox, Google Docs, Huddle, SugarSync and MobileMe.

Quickoffice enhances Android Honeycomb app with footnotes and endnotes viewing. Building out its powerful Word, Excel and PowerPoint editors, Quickoffice Pro HD v4.1 offers instant editing for quick revisions and displays footnotes and endnotes within Word documents. The company also rolled out formula builder usability improvements, contextual input based on the cell format and inline cell selection and scrolling to facilitate more seamless Excel calculations.

Within PowerPoint files, Quickoffice users now enjoy more formatting capabilities, including undo / redo, picture insertion and deletion, shape background editing and numbered list recalculation. Consumers can also insert shapes into a presentation and render vertical text.

Quickoffice Pro HD supports creation and editing of 2003 and 2007 Microsoft Office and PDF files. Innovatively designed specifically for the larger tablet form factor and touch interface, the application leverages Quickoffice's proprietary SmartTouch technology and the unique capabilities inherent in Google's Honeycomb platform, such as text-to-speech and contextual toolbar.

Quickoffice also provides local and remote search of files within its Connected File Manager to locate content quickly for document creation and editing.

Quickoffice Pro HD is available in the business category for a promotional price of $19.99. To learn more, visit http://www.quickoffice.com/honeycomb.
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