SPB UI Builder for OEMs and Brands eases mobile UI customization

SPB UI Builder for OEMs and Brands eases mobile UI customization
SPB Software has released SPB UI Builder – a development tool for customizing look-and-feel of mobile devices running SPB UI Solutions. It is the third and final facet of SPB's UI strategy, which united with SPB UI Engine and SPB Shell 3D, formulates a complete solution for creating next generation mobile interfaces in an efficient and effective manner.

SPB UI Builder Functionality
+ 2D graphics customization
+ 3D models and animation customization
+ Widgets and panels layout customization
+ Default configuration
+ Over-the-air push to the device
+ Creating customized .apk installation package.

From the press release,
UI customization is one of the key important topics today. Many Android OEMs produce hundreds of customizations annually for various mobile operators around the globe. OEMs spend a lot of resources, producing and testing, such customized versions. Fast and easy customization is also important when a limited number of branded devices have to be quickly drafted for special events or for brand's ad campaigns. Such branded devices, usually created by device manufactures in collaboration with brand companies (for example Adidas, Nike, Swatch, Ferrari, etc), offer a novel marketing approach that is only economically feasible for a few select top brands today, given the current level of technology. Moreover, as lifespan of devices shorten, an effective UI customization tool is needed to improve time to market and condense the device manufacturing cycle so as to reach to all customers in a timely fashion.

Now, these OEMs and brands can build unlimited number of custom versions of mobile UI using the dynamic and intuitive mechanism offered by SPB UI Builder. SPB UI Builder allows customization of SPB Shell 3D, a reference UI solution, where UI elements can be flexibly and readily altered to meet the branding requirements. UI elements such as 2D graphics (widgets, panels and other UI controls), widget's and full screen panel's layout, static 3D object and 3D model animations can all be customized in real-time by designers without direct involvement of software engineers. SPB UI Builder can push the changes directly to the devices over-the-air for real-time preview. Once all the customizations are done, an APK installation package can be created, right from the toolset via a single click, to build a custom shell solution hosting the desired design.

SPB UI Builder is the third prong of SPB's UI technology trident; the first being the SPB UI Engine – an underlying 3D platform, optimized for rapidly building high-performance mobile user interfaces and the second being the SPB Shell 3D – a reference UI solution. The SPB Shell series is the most awarded mobile UI solution available on the market today. It has been publicly recognized as the #1 best-selling mobile UI application across all smartphone platforms for the past 4 years. Globally, more than 15 leading device manufactures and mobile operators have already shipped UI solutions from SPB Software. SPB's revolutionary UI technology trident offers OEM's, carriers and brands a medium for rapidly creating seamless UI customization solutions – to design unique and recognizable UI for their users.
For more information about SPB UI Builder, please visit www.spb.com.
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