Swype for Sprint Nexus S 4G

In case you are still searching for the how to install Swype for Sprint Nexus S 4G, Lucky for you. A video of Swype for Nexus S 4G Install Guide has been uploaded on YouTube. Sprint has announced that Sprint Nexus S 4G from Google users can get first access to the latest version of Swype, as well as a custom build of the popular touch screen keyboard for FREE.

Swype is faster than other text entry methods, because it has built-in intelligence that doesn’t require users to hit each letter accurately. Also, tracing a smooth, continuous path is much faster than the hunt-and-peck method. It is simple to learn and Swype allows for a high degree of error tolerance providing a more intuitive way to input text on touch screens.

To get Swype, Nexus S 4G customers should follow these simple steps:
> Go to http://sprint.swype.com/ in your browser.
> Click Download.
> Click Register and fill out the registration information making sure to use the email address for your phone and create a password for your Swype account.
> When you receive the email from Swype on your phone, follow the link, remembering the account code in the email.
> Follow the download instructions. You will need to change your settings to allow applications to be downloaded from Unknown sources. When this setting is changed, long press the Home key and select Package installer, Install and Open.
> Log into Swype using your registration email and password, enter the account code from the email you received from Swype and Download Swype.
> Once the application is installed, enable Swype and go to any text field. Then long press the text field, select Input method and choose Swype.

Enjoy the Swype for Sprint Nexus S 4G!
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