Verizon Wireless Trip Planner launched

Verizon Wireless has launched an useful online tool to make it easy for its customers to plan their roaming costs when traveling abroad. Using the tool users can plan how to make the most of their wireless service when traveling outside of the United States. The Verizon Wireless Trip Planner gives customers information they can use to plan their travels, including details about global calling and data plans, country-specific coverage and pricing, and device functionality in more than 200 international destinations.

With Trip Planner, customers can input their destinations, the duration of their trips, their devices and the services they will need while traveling. Trip Planner then provides country-specific details about using their devices; international roaming rates; dialing instructions; and helpful tips, including information about Verizon Wireless 24-hour global support, how to avoid unwanted data charges and answers to other, frequently asked questions about wireless use overseas. Customers are always reminded to call Verizon Wireless Customer Service to activate their devices for international use before they travel overseas.

Using Trip Planner, customers can create and print a document customized for their itineraries, detailing roaming rates for voice, data and text, as well as features and benefits of Verizon Wireless global plans – before they leave home.

You can learn more information about Verizon Wireless Trip Planner on the official website.
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