Winners of Paypal's third developer challenge announced

Winners of Paypal's third developer challenge announced
Remember the Paypal's third developer challenge? PayPal has announced the winners of its third developer challenge. The top three winners are:

1. Mopper (winner of $25K)
A mobile app for media owners and advertisers to reach customers on a whole new level through Print Commerce. Through the inclusion of a QR tag, customers are able to make purchases directly from print media – they simply scan the tag, press the Buy button to pay with PayPal.

2. PayPal for ThruTu Button (winner of $15K)
ThruTu allows users to share all kinds of information and media while they’re on a call – at the touch of a button and without disrupting the conversation. The app really eases making payments during a phone call.

3. SiZiga (winner of $10K)
Leveraging QR codes, the app helps restaurants manage payments for groups, while simplifying the process for their customers. It eliminates the need for customers to manually divide up the bill and for restaurants to swipe multiple cards. A QR code is generated for each party and the guests are able to modify payment parameters (tip percentage, number of people paying, etc.) and then pay with PayPal.
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