NAVV iPhone app updated with new UI and more

NAVV iPhone app updated with new UI and more
Wazado Mobile Applications has released the newest NAVV update on the Apple App Store. You will enjoy a brand new user interface, which offers accessible features in just a 1-2 taps. The new release allows you to share your location, favourites, itineraries or current route on your Facebook wall – right from the app. You can also search for Foursquare venues and automatically check in upon arrival. With the new update, you will always be aware of current weather conditions and 3-day weather forecast at any point on the map (powered by And thanks to the limited free traffic promotions you will never lose time in jams. Press release follows after the jump.

NAVV has re-emerged in the navigation software industry with a new touch of innovative design, simplicity and efficiency. The software’s latest version comes revamped and with all new benefits that will allow users to keep connected while they travel to their destination.

NAVV invites everybody to experience the future of personal navigation, with a new and fresh interface where users can now interact with the many features in a 1-2 step click. And like the old Scottish proverb says, Quantity without quality is little thought of, NAVV also cares to impress their clientele with outstanding services while providing simple and efficient navigation, such as;

+ You can share your location, favorites, itineraries or current route on your Facebook wall – right from the app
+ You can search for Foursquare venues and automatically check in upon arrival
+ You will be guided by voice instructions with street names pronounced in English, German, and French * Available as In-App purchase
+ You will be in control of unexpected events with the premium weather forecast by
+ You will never lose time in jams thanks to NAVTEQ real-time traffic services *Available for selected territories as In-App purchase

With this new update NAVV wants to offer their users the traffic experience for FREE for the month of September. This feature is available for Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France and USA.

In addition to that, some selected countries will now have access to recent maps provided by NAVTEQ, world renowned cartographer.

‘NAVV countries of Western Europe, NAVV Russia and NAVV Turkey’: map updates will be available as in-app purchases at a discounted price.

The journey continues to offer navigation customers around the world a high quality mobile application at the most affordable price possible. NAVV is also proud to announce that we are expanding our software to the emerging markets with our coverage in the African territories of Angola and Morocco, as well as stand-alone Polish app for only 9,99 Euro.

‘NAVV Angola, NAVV Morocco, NAVV Poland’: will be available in the Appstore for public download in the next weeks

NAVV speaks your language; knows the places you like and keeps you connected more than any other navigation application.
You can download the NAVV iPhone app on the Apple App Store in the Navigation category.
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