Plants vs Zombies iPhone game updated with 9 new mini-games

Plants vs Zombies iPhone game updated with 9 new mini-games
The popular PopCap Games' Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone has been updated to version 1.8. The new release comes with 9 (NINE) new mini-games, all from the original PC/Mac edition, that players can access via Crazy Dave's Store. The content also includes a new micro-game and Game Center achievements. Players can unlock three mini-game packs (each containing three new mini-games) by purchasing the packs from Crazy Dave with coins earned during gameplay or by tending the Zen Garden. Players short of coins, or wanting immediate gratification, can purchase the Sunflower's Golden Chest, Marigold's Coin Pot and/or Stinky's Secret Stash via an in-app 'coin' purchase for US$.99 each to unlock the new content instantly.

The new mini-games packs include fan favorites such as:

Game Pack #3
+ Walnut Bowling 2: Knock 'em dead in this killer twist to an old favorite sport.
+ Seeing Stars: Unravel the mystery of the star-shaped pattern.
+ Bobsled Bonanza: Melt the ice and defeat bobsledders and Zombonis in this frosty battle.

Game Pack #4
+ Invisi-Ghoul: Test your prowess to take on invisible zombies.
+ Last Stand: Not your average day at the pool!
+ ZomBotany 2: Hybrid zombies sport plant heads and abilities to up the challenge ante.

Game Pack #5
+ Beghouled Twist: An homage to Bejeweled Twist, this mash-up requires match-3 skill.
+ Pogo Party: Crash the pogo party of your roof!
+ Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick: Get ready to move faster than ever!

The update will also include more Game Center achievements to accompany the new mini-games: Shooting Star; Beyond the Grave; Peking Express; Sol Invictus; and Sproing! Sproing!. Also featured is the new "Race to China" micro-game which is tied to Game Center achievement Peking Express: You've probably seen the Chinese zombies down the achievements tunnel, but how fast can you dig your way to China?

Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone is available for download $2.99 on the App Store in the Games category.
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