YouMail's Visual Voicemail Plus gets Visual Caller ID

YouMail's Visual Voicemail Plus has been updated with Visual Caller ID. YouMail has recently updated the popular service with a new, free feature, Visual Caller ID. Visual Caller ID visually identifies missed callers with a name, a representative image and city/state information, even when the calling number is not found in the user's address book. No longer do mobile phone users need to wonder who left them a message. YouMail's Visual Caller ID automatically determines the appropriate name and image to use to visually identify callers. It works by leveraging YouMail's community of more than 2 million users, their connections in social networks such as Facebook and YouMail's proprietary technology.
This combination enables users to know exactly who left the message and the most likely correct name. Visual Caller ID also provides an appropriate image, whether it's a Facebook photo, a business logo or an image commonly associated with the caller or their location. Visual Caller ID does this while preserving the privacy of that information, never exposing individual address book entries or other personal information to others.
YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus with Visual Caller ID is available for free on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone smartphones, as well as the iPad and Android tablets. For more information about YouMail and its services, visit
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