Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 in China

Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 in China
Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 in China. Motorola Mobility China has launched the brand new Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 smartphone. As you may already be aware from our previous report about Motorola DEFY MINI, it's a rugged-phone which is dust-proof, water-resistant and with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display, the new Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 is strong enough to keep up with you and your wildest adventures and it's budget-friendly.

Coming with a crystal-clear 3.2-inch touchscreen display which is great for email, texting and browsing the internet, the pre-loaded social networking apps on Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 keeps you connected with your friends. The mobile phone is also equipped with Motorola Mobility’s Aloqa location app, so you’ll always know how to find the closest (and coolest) of everything in China, from art galleries to coffee shops to concert venues. There's also GPS navigation that will guide you on the go. As a reminder, the Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 also features 3MP camera, a front-facing VGA camera for video-chatting, MotoSwitch, and Wi-Fi.

Commenting on the news, Frank Meng (corporate vice president and president of Motorola Mobility China) said: "The Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 smartphone can withstand the demands of your everyday needs and your once-in-a-lifetime adventures with resilience and style. Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 is the smartphone for active youth, with just the right mix of style, value and life-proof performance."

Motorola DEFY MINI XT320 is already available from authorized Motorola resellers across China.
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