Sprint Push-to-Talk (PTT) App available for more Android phones (SGS4, Note 3, LG G2, LG G Flex, LG Optimus F3, Kyocera Hydro Edge)

Sprint Push-to-Talk (PTT) App available for more Android phones
How to make Android devices become push-to-talk (PTT) phones instantly with Sprint Direct Connect Now application? Select Android phones that are Sprint Direct Connect-capable can instantly become push-to-talk phones for consumers, and businesses. How? by using Sprint Direct Connect Now application. By downloading the free "Sprint Direct Connect Now" app from the Google Play store, and installing it on the select Android smartphones, push-to-talk service can be used by users.

In case you are already aware of it. According to the recent news release by the carrier Sprint, it has recently added more Sprint Direct Connect-capable handsets to its push-to-talk portfolio. The new phones that can be made push-to-talk ready with the Sprint Direct Connect Now application today: Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, LG G Flex, LG Optimus F3, and Kyocera Hydro Edge. And the "Coming soon" devices are: Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Mega, and Samsung Galaxy S 4 with Sprint Spark.

Sprint Direct Connect Now marks another milestone for the Sprint push-to-talk franchise. Today, Sprint Direct Connect has matured into a service featuring: Sprint Direct Connect platform upgrades to support push-to-talk on Sprint’s 4G LTE Network, triple the square miles of coverage compared to the former Nextel National Network, instant call setup time on domestic push-to-talk calls, and an international coverage to Latin American countries that most frequently use push-to-talk service (SDC Now international capability coming in future update).

In case you want to know the features of the Android application, "Sprint Direct Connect Now" app features:
+ Sprint Direct Connect on 4G LTE capable devices
+ New enhanced user experience
+ Interoperable with Sprint® Direct Connect® devices
+ Convenient touchscreen controls
+ TeamDC and Opt-In TeamDC closed group calling
+ Call alerts to notify others you want to talk without interrupting
+ Displays contact image for speaker
+ Synchronizes contacts with device’s address book
+ Create favorites for most contacted Direct Connect® contacts

Setting up your Android device to enjoy Sprint Direct Connect Now app:
1. Verify your Android phone software is up to date. Settings > System Update > Update Software (See compatible phones section below for version numbers)
2. Download the Sprint Direct Connect Now app from Google Play.

Signing up for Service to enjoy Sprint Direct Connect Now:
3. Sign in to your account at sprint.com.
4. Select “Change my services” from the “Manage this device” drop down menu on the “My account” Tab.
5. Select Unlimited Direct Connect and Group Connect under Push-to-Talk add-ons.

Sprint Direct Connect service is included for no additional charge on many service plans or available for an additional $5 per month for other plans. For more information on Sprint Direct Connect Now or to see Sprint Direct Connect handsets, go to www.sprint.com/sprintdirectconnect.
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