ACHBanking Processing Gateway app for iOS now available for download via iTunes

eProdigy's ACHBanking, a Processor Serving the Alternative Lending Industry, Is Now Available as an iPhone Mobile App -- Portal Provides Mobile Facility and Visibility into Transactions, Transfers and Settlements

eProdigy, a FinTech holding company serving the alternative lending space, is pleased to announce that its ACHBanking Processing Gateway app for iOS, already available on Android, has now been approved by Apple and is available for download by iPhone users via iTunes. The platform, which provides funders, merchants and Independent Service Providers (ISOs) a remittance gateway to initiate and manage transactions, and integrates with company APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), can now be used on the move. Comments David Rubin, CEO of eProdigy, "This mobile app enables funders to manage their full portfolio, including viewing overall portfolio behavior and managing transactions. For merchants, it provides a mobile banking capability, whether to view the full lifecycle of the funds advanced, or initiate a payment on the go."

eProdigy's ACHBanking is a platform that provides payments and processing rails designed to meet the specific needs of alternative funders. Most processors and banks have a limited understand of the unique processing needs of the alternative finance business, and are not equipped to manage multiple transactions or provide real time settlements, next day availability of funds or remittances. eProdigy has been a first mover in providing other funders and their merchants a processing capability designed to both meet these needs and bring down costs and risks inherent to each transaction. ACHBanking is integrated into eProdigy's proprietary 1Workforce funding lifecycle platform, but is available to other funders whether or not they use 1Workforce.

About eProdigy
eProdigy is a FinTech holding company serving the alternative finance industry by providing products, services and a lending platform through its subsidiary companies: Capital Stack, ACHCapital, ACHBanking, eProdigy Loans, and 1Workforce. In addition to providing small businesses with cash advances and originating loans, the company makes its technology enabled financial and servicing platforms available to ISOs and other funders. Capital Stack is also the co-founder and 50% owner of DailyFunder, an online forum and publication that covers the alternative finance industry. For more information, please visit

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