BoomWriter Joins Google For Education Partner Program

BoomWriter Media has announced it has become a Google for Education Partner for its Technology track, specializing in Chrome products. BoomWriter Media's educational technology website, BoomWriter, is a free group-writing tool for teachers for their students to develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills. BoomWriter has over 25,000 educators registered on the site from more than 60 countries, and its Chrome Web Store app alone has over 2,000 users.

BoomWriter features three tools—StoryWriter (creative/narrative writing), WordWriter (vocabulary), and ProjectWriter (expository/argument/scientific writing), which are all powered by the unique and simple idea that everyone writes, everyone reads and everyone votes. Whether the class is writing stories, developing vocabulary or conducting a nonfiction project, each student writes and submits his or her own entry to the teacher for feedback. Once all entries are approved, each student then assesses up to four of their classmates' entries at a time and anonymously casts their vote for the best version. BoomWriter's easy-to-use and flexible platform is ideal for grades 2-12, and works for various subjects such as English Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and Science.

"The Google for Education Partner Program will help enhance the value of BoomWriter for teachers seeking to utilize technology in the classroom," said Ken Haynes, BoomWriter Media COO. "BoomWriter can add value to any district's Chromebook initiatives by providing a group-writing application that is engaging for students, academically impactful, and easy for teachers to use."

In March, BoomWriter released a case study conducted with Boston-area school district Milton Public Schools (MPS) about a pilot that sought to increase teachers' and students' access to technology in the classroom and develop an academically-beneficial curriculum that supported digital education. After piloting a variety of the industry's top devices, MPS ultimately chose a 1:1 implementation of Chromebooks throughout their district for students in grades 3-12. Teachers found that Chromebooks promoted more active learning in the classroom and helped Chromebooks be more conducive to increasing students' writing output levels. Through Google Apps for Education, Milton educators were able to utilize BoomWriter directly on their Chromebooks. BoomWriter supports easy integration with Chrome products, from Google single sign-on for students' accounts to the BoomWriter for Students app that can be added to Chrome.

"BoomWriter was something teachers could do with their Chromebooks, and BoomWriter made it applicable," said Amy C. Gale, Curriculum Coordinator for the district's Cunningham and Collicot Elementary Schools. "Through Milton's Chromebook implementation, BoomWriter was an unintended perk."

About BoomWriter
BoomWriter is an educational technology product of BoomWriter Media, Inc., a leading provider of online collaborative writing solutions. Used by educators, students, and writers of all skill levels, BoomWriter Media's social platform is designed for anyone who wants to write and build stories in a community. BoomWriter Media has delivered more than 2.5 million projects and is used in over 25,000 classrooms, across more than 60 countries. For more information about BoomWriter, please visit

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