Clash of Kings 1st Anniversary - app surpassed the 65 million download mark across all app stores around the world

It's Clash of Kings' one-year anniversary and they are giving players free celebration gifts
Highlights from the Clash of Kings 1st Anniversary: 60 Million Downloads and Counting

ELEX, the company behind the simple strategy game app Clash of Kings, says the app has surpassed the 65 million download mark across all app stores around the world. This makes it one of the most successful games of 2015, as ELEX points out in a statement celebrating the Clash of Kings first anniversary.

To celebrate the event, ELEX released an update that will give celebration gifts to all players. "The past year has been one of the most exciting times for ELEX since Clash of Kings launched on mobile," said the company. "The incredible milestone of more than 65 million downloads of the game, as well as the continued enthusiasm from our community, really delights the entire ELEX team. Fans can look forward to even more exciting new Clash of Kings content over the coming months, including exciting new events to the game."

The game's rise in popularity is incredible. Giving us an unusual insight into the habits of the app's users, ELEX notes that 72% of U.S. fans say they play the app most while watching TV, while 65% of U.K. fans play it while commuting. Moreover, 82% of all fans are male, while 68% of them are aged between 18 and 34.

Clash of Kings started as a beta testing game on Google Play in August 2014, was brought over to Apple's App Store in December 2014, and then to Facebook App Center in March 2015. It's currently in the top 5 grossing apps in over 70 countries. Since the game launched, Clash of Kings players have spent the equivalent of 20,400 years playing the game. And over 946 billion troops have been fought in Clash of Kings, which is more than the stars and planets in the Milky Way.

Amassing over 65 million users worldwide and a perfect rating of 4.3+ by nearly 1 million users, Clash of Kings is undoubtedly loved by gamers and is one of the top games available on a mobile device. By getting back to basics, it offers an amazing graphical experience with lots of adventure and features; it involves building castles, creating troops, fighting battles and a whole host of other exciting gameplay modes.

This game is played by tens of millions, so you can battle any of them and their alliances. If their alliances are powerful, you can create a more powerful alliance by forging groups with others. But making powerful alliances isn't everything that's needed for victory, and as you rightly guessed, you need to create right strategy to outsmart your opponent.

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