ClearSlide Mail for Android app released

ClearSlide Mail for Android
New ClearSlide Mail for Android Brings Email at the Speed of Sales to the World's Largest Smartphone Platform -- Purpose-built for Sales, ClearSlide Mail for Android Accelerates Sales Productivity

ClearSlide, the leading platform for sales and marketing success, has launched its award-winning ClearSlide Mail app for Android smartphones, giving salespeople around the world the ability to increase productivity, improve customer relationships, and close deals faster from anywhere.

Purpose-built for sales and marketing professionals, ClearSlide Mail for Android gives users the tools they need to connect with and respond to customers anywhere, anytime and from nearly any device. ClearSlide Mail for Android is the only solution of its kind compatible with any email protocol, including Gmail, IMAP and Microsoft Exchange. And, with direct integration to CRM solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, all customer interaction and engagement is automatically captured and updated within the account and opportunity records.

"We've already had tremendous success with our award-winning ClearSlide Mail for iOS app, and customers have been asking for an Android version to cover a wider range of smart devices," said Raj Gossain, vice president of products with ClearSlide. "ClearSlide Mail for Android delivers, enabling both salespeople and marketers to immediately reach out and respond to customers with relevant, personalized content and the ability to track response to see how well content performs."

With ClearSlide Mail for Android, users can:
  • Immediately create and send personalized emails using proven sales content, including slide decks, videos and other collateral
  • Leverage and edit email templates created by marketing or their peers for faster and improved communications
  • Automatically log email communications to the right CRM object to reduce effort and maximize data quality
  • Receive instant notifications and track when emails are opened and forwarded
  • See who, when and how long presentations and even individual slides are viewed to better understand customer needs
  • Increase efficacy of customer follow-up based on viewer analytics
"Today's salespeople and marketers are mobile by default, and most companies operate in a multi-device or BYOD environment. They need tools that enable revenue-focused employees to be productive, efficient and effective wherever they are," Gossain said. "ClearSlide Mail is the ultimate solution to solve the day-to-day challenges of accessing content on-the-fly and following up with customers when the opportunity is hot."

To learn more or download ClearSlide Mail for Android , visit or download it in the Google Play store.

About ClearSlide:
ClearSlide is The Platform for Sales and Marketing Success that powers valuable, genuine business conversations and enables organizations to achieve better business outcomes. ClearSlide improves customer communications (phone, email, face-to-face) by providing real-time visibility and analytics for sales and marketing leaders. As a result, customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness and stronger customer-facing messaging. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, ClearSlide serves thousands of customers, including Rackspace, Thomson Reuters, Comcast, SurveyMonkey, LinkedIn and more.

The ClearSlide platform gives sales and marketing leaders insight into the real-time activity of their teams and provides deep analytics about the types of content that ultimately is most impactful with customers. For sales professionals, ClearSlide allows for easy communication with customers and prospects, whether online or in-person, using ClearSlide's web-based or mobile applications. To learn more, visit

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