EPGL Challenges Google to Update Progress on Smart Contacts

Google's Smart Contact Lens Challenged by EPGL -- EPGL Challenges Google to Update Progress on Smart Contacts by August 31, 2015

EP Global Communications, Inc. announces a challenge to Google to confirm it is up to speed with EPGL in the smart contact lens revolution.

A year ago, Google announced with great fanfare that it had developed a smart contact lens for monitoring glucose levels. Google also announced that they possess technology for an "Autofocus" contact lens. Various executives from Google were quoted as saying that smart contact lenses could help millions of people in the future and other technology writers and industry executives have predicted a multi-billion dollar market is coming. EPGL fully agrees with Google on this point.

EPGL has several patents pending now in the smart contact lens arena, including energy harvesting technology, mass manufacturing of integrated electronics, autofocus and smart lens case technologies. EPGL has not yet publicly announced what it believes to be its most potentially valuable patents pending in the field. But perhaps most importantly, EPGL has invented solutions that will enable microelectronics to be placed into modern Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses for mass market production, without dramatically changing the current manufacturing process. This achievement is critical for the smart contact lens to truly be marketable to the masses with comfort and efficacy.

Today, EPGL is issuing a challenge to Google to update the world on their smart contact lens progress and to announce whether or not they have accomplished the same critical solutions that EPGL has mentioned above. EPGL is challenging Google to make an announcement by August 31, 2015 that it has solved for the critical Silicone Hydrogel mass market production challenges as EPGL has.

"Google is an incredible company with incredibly talented engineers and executives. We have nothing but respect for them, but we believe our little 6 cent per share company on the OTC market is likely beating a $460 billion giant in this coming revolution. We are also very talented," said Michael Hayes, President of EPGL. "We're throwing down this public challenge to see if they have truly accomplished what we have. They splashed the news a year ago now with no updates. We're doing it to show the investment community that EPGL is extremely undervalued in our opinion," Hayes continued.

Today, EPGL is also announcing that it will begin to entertain offers from various investment bankers and partners to help EPGL achieve the next level with the investment community, including higher market tiers. "We are actively seeking potential partners in what could become a very significant revenue space in the next several years; the 'Augmented Reality' or 'Bionic Vision' revolution is beginning," said Dr. David Markus, Vice President of BioMems. "We believe that EPGL will be a major player in this space going forward."

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EP Global Communications, Inc. is an advanced technology research and development company for both medical devices and consumer electronics devices specializing in microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS).

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