Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG Multiplayer for Android launched by Spartonix

Spartonix Launches Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG Multiplayer for Android -- Challenge Your Friends to the Ultimate RPG Battle

Following a massive number of requests from Evostar fans to add a multiplayer feature to the hit RPG game Evostar: Legendary Warrior, Spartonix has recently added, in its latest Google play update V1.9.0 for android devices, the multiplayer feature; now users can easily invite their friends to a cross-galaxy space battle, track their friends ranking on the new leaderboard and even fight their friends' characters when they're not online.

About the game: "Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG" is only getting better and is a recommended and loved app. If you haven't tried it yet, the game involves you playing as a 'dragon warrior', a fighter that can be one of four different races, and fights against evil on several planets to finally become the greatest dragon warrior - the one that will join the legendary dragon god Skubata in the heavens.

The game is detailed and diverse, with many customizable features that vary from race to clothing as well as developing resource mines that grow as you progress in the game. The battle features are also simple and easy to understand, and each player is guaranteed to have fun while progressing through the levels.

Player five-star reviews:

5/5 "Loving it, hands down the most addictive platformer on this side of the galaxy!"
5/5 "Great!!! I'm really hooked with this game."
5/5 "Very cool sci-fi role playing game, love my heroic anime warrior"

Here's what makes this game a perfect fit for RPG fans:

- Pick your Hero. There are 4 Dragon Warrior races you can choose from, each warrior with his own balance of superpowers (Strength, Speed, Martial Arts, KI ball blasts).
- Infinite Levels. You travel across the galaxy and fight on every planet you encounter against an infinite number of enemies. The fight never ends, it just gets tougher, but so do you!
- Classic RPG. You'll be able to upgrade your attributes and craft your own legendary power suits (over 50 variations) using the loot you collect after every fight (and even from your own spaceship).
- Anime Graphics & Sounds. The game has beautiful anime graphics with Sci-Fi effects and a matching action-themed soundtrack.
- Multiplayer: invite your friends to a space battle, track their ranking & fight their character even when they're not online.

Evostar: Legendary Warriors RPG is available for download on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

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