Formaker - CTC Electronic's multi-functional 3D printer debuts

Formaker multi-functional 3D printer
Chinese 3D printer supplier Zhuhai CTC Electronic announces launch of Formaker project on Kickstarter

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd, a leading 3D printer manufacturer in China, announced the debut of its latest multi-functional 3D printer, the Formaker, on the world's biggest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, kicking off a 30-day crowdfunding campaign.

The Formaker, priced at US$999 on the crowdfunding platform, deploys a modular design and integrates four powerful functionalities: high-precision 3D printing, CNC engraving, laser cutting and PCB etching, making the printer one of the most compelling and dedicated multi-functional desktop devices available in the market. Weighing in at 26 lbs., the Formaker features a robust metal structure and a color LCD touch screen allowing for interactive operation.

CTC Electronic, established in 2004, is China's biggest desktop 3D printer maker and has the world's largest manufacturing facility for desktop 3D printers: an 8,000 square-meter shop capable of outputting 5,000 units a month.

The Formaker is the result of a year-long joint effort of CTC Electronic's international engineering team led by Chris Donovan in the US and Don Mint in India and enhanced with the addition of Yang Ming in the UK, a specialist in structural design who joined the firm seven months ago.

The Formaker is a dual head 3D printer with a 225x145x150mm effective printing size that can print using two different materials simultaneously including 1.75mm PLA and ABS, nylon, high strength polystyrene and carbon fiber wood.

With safety in mind, the Formaker is equipped with a low-power 350-milliwatt scanning laser, making it easy for the operator to carve a logo or image on card stock, leather or wood, or to create a design on paper.

The CNC module uses a complete set of milling tools, allowing the operator to carve any complex stereoscopic picture on soft wood or wood alternatives, acrylic, Lexan, brass, aluminum or plastic, as well as to produce circuit samples on PCB etchers.

The software, which was independently researched and developed, is compatible with third-party 3D printing processes, including MAKERBOT and CURA, providing an easy-to-use operational platform with effortless switching between CNC, LASER and PCB functions.

CTC Electronic PR manager Yoyo Hee said that one of the key goals through the entire creation and development process was to create a machine that would be affordable. The Formaker, similar in functionality to products currently selling at US$2,599, is positioned as a professional device for printers who want to design prototypes. The device, valued at several thousands of dollars, will be available at US$999 during the crowdfunding period.

Yoyo explained during the presentation that the team began designing the crowdfunding page on Kickstarter in July, with the aim of raising US$50,000 to kick off the project. Consumers who order the Formaker on Kickstarter during the 30-day crowdfunding period can expect to receive the product at the end of 2015 or at the beginning of 2016.

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SOURCE Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd
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