Gadia Power, the Bio-Sensing Gesture Control Wearable, now on Indiegogo

A view of Gadia Power, a bio-sensing gesture control wearable. The project has now launched on Indiegogo.
Motion-controlled gaming means there's no need to wrestle with complicated controllers or button combos. It's so easy that even our grandparents can get the hang of it. Motion control technology is one of those developments that seemed almost like magic before it emerged, but then we broke through a boundary between us and our technology and made our games a part of ourselves. The problem is, only certain games use motion control - and only certain devices work with those games. We might dream of casting spells or driving cars with just or body movements, but those dreams have always seemed a little far away - until now. The Gadia Power controller puts the power to control electronics in your hands - literally.

By incorporating bio-sensing technology, this micro-sized device lets you control your smartphone, smartwatch or computer with simple hand gestures - and with a little tweaking, it can also be used with a wide range of other electronics, including nano drones and VR helmets.

Unlike other electromyograph (EMG) devices, Gadia Power is small, lightweight, and durable - making it ideal for carrying on all your outdoor adventures. It's just a little over one square inch in size - which means you can wear it on a handy strap, or even stick it to your body with medical-grade adhesive. It'll stay with you wherever you go, even if you're hiking, skiing or climbing. And Gadia Power's long-lasting battery and long-distance fast data transfer will make sure you stay connected to your devices, no matter how far from home you roam.

And while other controllers are hemmed in by limitations - keyboards are limited by your typing skill, for example; and even camera-based devices are limited by their viewing range - Gadia Power is foolproof, since it tracks the actual electrical activity within your muscles.

Gadia Power recognizes more than six distinct hand gestures - plenty to perform the basic actions you'll use to control most devices. But that's only the beginning. Gadia Power's open-source documentation, combined with its developer-friendly API and active support community, mean that plenty of expansions are on the way.

This open access for developers means you can combine Gadia Power with VR devices, immersing you and your body into games like never before. Gain control of your workouts with Gadia Power - track the intensity of each exercise, and tweak your fitness plan to fit your goals. Adjust your room's temperature with a flick of a finger, and lock or unlock your door with a wave of your hand. It sounds like science fiction - but with Gadia Power, it's right on the verge of becoming reality.

Keyboards and game controllers are the past. Gadia Power is the future. With a Gadia Power device, the power is in your hands.

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