iBox Nano 3D Resin Printer Enters Mass Production Shipping 2K Units in Only 4 Months

The iBox Nano 3D Printer utilizes a revolutionary 3D resin technology, making it a first of its kind. The technology invented and deployed in the iBox Nano enables a very small yet high resolution 3D resin printer at a price that everyone can afford. The core technology is UVLCD (Ultra-Violet Liquid Crystal Display), which employs UV gating LCDs and high power UV LEDs to cure UV sensitive resin. Other advantages of its UVLCD technology are ultra-low power consumption and silent operation. The Nano's power consumption is low enough to support battery-powered operation and thus true mobility; also a first for a resin-based 3D printer.

The iBox Nano is the world's smallest, quietest, and most affordable 3D resin printer. Consumers will benefit from its portability, silent operation, and affordability while creating toys, jewelry, crafts and gifts; now available for $299 on www.iboxprinters.com or Amazon.com.

The iBox Nano is a 3D resin printer. Resin printers typically print using various technologies such as SLA (stereo lithography), which typically use a laser or DLP projector. iBox Printers has invented a completely new and unique way to 3D Print using UVLCD technology instead of a Laser or Projector - this allows for smaller packaging, completely silent operation, an order of magnitude reduction in power consumption, and, most importantly, a dramatic reduction in pricing. For example, the average competitive resin printer retails for more than $3,000 and the iBox Nano sells for $299.

"We feel this new technology will be another step to bringing 3D resin printers into the home," says Trent Carter, Founder.

iBox Printers believes the iBox Nano will accelerate the adoption of 3D printers into the home market because of its affordability, silent operation, ease of use, small size, and cordless Wi-Fi browser-based printing. It also simplifies the user experience by allowing browser-based printing without installing software, from any client, including mobile devices.

"The iBox Team was able to transition from prototype to mass production in 4 months, a big success considering nearly every component was changed or redesigned making the Nano both better and more producible," says Carter.

Leveraging its first product launch success, iBox Printers is raising capital to expand its printer line and market share. Find out more here: https://www.fundable.com/ibox-printers.

Previous Kickstarter Crowdfunding Raised $450K: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/826799607/ibox-nano-worlds-smallest-least-expensive-3d-print

iBox Printers, a 3D Printer Company based in Palm Bay Florida. Web Site: http://www.iBoxPrinters.com. Twitter: @iboxprinters

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