Mobile Livestreaming with Mirrativ - DeNA's screensharing app allows users to share anything happening on their smartphone screen

DeNA Announces a New Twist on Mobile Livestreaming With Mirrativ Screensharing App -- Mirrativ Socializes Smartphone Screens; Offers Distinctive Mobile-to-Mobile Experience

DeNA jumpstarted the livestreaming genre with the announcement of Mirrativ, a first-of-its-kind livestreaming app that will allow users to share anything happening on their smartphone screen. Creating new, intimate entertainment experiences that users can interact with in real-time, Mirrativ will enable users to stream content freely and easily, without the need for a PC, cables, or other devices. The new app is now available for download on Google Play and currently in development for iPhone and iPad. Fans can get a sneak peek at the broadcasting and viewing features of the Android app during a special beta test period from 4:00-8:00 PM PST today. Additional testing periods will be announced daily via Twitter (@Mirrativ) and push notifications.

Offering an interactive shared experience that sets it apart from other livestreaming apps, Mirrativ streamers will be able to live broadcast their entire screen – not just a camera feed, video or a game that is being played. They can also add their voice and face to the stream if they so choose. This communal experience connects people, encouraging and inspiring them to share personal moments and experiences.

"With Mirrativ, we wanted to approach livestreaming in a unique, personal way to create a more streamlined experience for users. Even the name depicts the intimate sharing – or mirroring – of a user's narrative which, in this case, is their experience on their smartphone or tablet," said Junichi Akagawa, producer at DeNA. "For example, a mobile gamer will be able to share tips and tricks for the latest releases with their followers. Users can also seek out personalized shopping advice while searching e-commerce sites. With any of these experiences, viewers will be able to interact with the broadcaster in real-time, sharing comments and stickers to create a conversation and shared experience."

Broadcasting to others is very easy with Mirrativ. Users simply open up the app on an Android smartphone or tablet, and start livestreaming anything on the screen with just three taps – and the app will mirror the content on the viewers' screen. While the app runs in the background, broadcasters stream any content they have on their smartphone screen, sharing it with people that "follow" them and receiving comments and "stars" (likes) in real-time.

Mirrativ is available for Android platform and will soon be available for iPhone and iPad as well as mobile web at Android users (with 5.0 software and higher) can broadcast content, while iOS (7.0 and higher) and Android (4.1 and higher) users will be able to view live broadcasted content.

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