NV3 Powercell Technology cuts the cord on device charging kiosks

Cut the Cord with Powercell Technology from NV3
NV3 Technologies, a technology solutions company based in Baltimore, Maryland, has been providing charging solutions to customers since 2009. NV3 recently recognized the need for a portable solution that doesn't require direct access to electricity or even solar power, and, in response, innovated tables equipped with new NV3 Powercell Technology.

An NV3 Powercell is built into the popular HTC-09 High Top Charging Table and charges nine smartphones at a time for an entire day. At night, the table is simply plugged into a standard outlet to recharge for the next day. By leveraging NV3 Powercell Technology, NV3 has cut the cord on device charging kiosks, allowing customers to charge at their convenience, instead of only where there is an outlet. This cutting edge technology is being viewed by some of NV3's larger clients as a potential game changer.
  • Festivals and ballparks benefit from the ability to put tables wherever needed without regards to availability of electric power.
  • Conference exhibits and trade show booths are often set up throughout convention centers and not always in direct access to wall outlets, and High Top Charging Tables with NV3 Powercell Technology allow them to provide this needed and appreciated service easily and efficiently.
  • Medical centers and outdoor dining areas can place battery-powered tables anywhere on the premises, even where there is no access to electricity.
  • Bars and restaurants that wish to offer phone charging to customers can now do so without worrying about bulky extension cords.
An experiential marketing agency in the Midwest has chosen to use Powercell Tables to solve a problem that event attendees face. Ten High Top Charging Tables, branded by a national corporate sponsor for the event, kept people charged and connected all day with the convenience of NV3 Powercell Technology and no need for electrical outlets.

Sprint Corporation, who has worked with NV3 on multiple projects involving many varieties of charging solutions, was the corporate sponsor for the first event at which NV3 Powercell Tables were used. The service was well received, enhancing Sprint's image and providing a positive experience for event-goers. "Guests loved having the option to charge their phone! They looked great and the client loved them as well."

At NV3 Technologies, there is a solution to every device charging and digital signage need. NV3 makes everything from simple wall-mounted units with just eight charging cords, to trailers that charge one hundred devices and have screens for advertising and marketing, and everything in between. Kiosks are customizable to meet the requirements of any venue.


NV3 Technologies fabricates the original Cell Phone Charging Kiosk in Baltimore, Maryland. With their patent pending charging technology, and the integrated LED screen designed for marketing and advertising, NV3 has the tools and experience to help the world stay connected. For additional information and to find out what NV3 Technologies can do for you, please visit www.nv3tech.com.

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